Amazing 2 weeks in the snow!

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I would just like to take a moment and send some kudos and high fives to two awesome instructors. I recently just finished a two week Level 3 program with YES and had an amazing experience. 
First off Kevin Schmoll was awesome, funny, engaging and an excellent communicator. The knowledge he shared and imparted to myself and the rest of the group was stellar. I do believe that each person improved in some way, and for some a significant way. The new material from the CSIA on guided learning and Experiential education was delivered as if it was always there and never skipped a beat sharing it with us. The time he took for individual attention was invaluable! An experience not to be forgotten. 
Second was Meesh Berthoud. Again, another fantastic instructor. The easy going approachable manner Meesh displayed was invaluable. The information and knowledge he shared was never over the top or overwhelming. Mesh was very understanding and patient when the fear/anxiety of teaching was too much, with guidance and encouragement from both Mesh and the other members of the group this was lessened and I have come out stronger and more knowledgable because of it. 
We are forever learning and forever improving. Both Meesh and Kevin inspire me to keep on learning on following my dreams. Excellent roll models both! 
I am already scheming how I might be able to return next season and ski with YES, Kevin, and Meesh again! 
Till then. Happy turns and snow filled peaks. 
Anne Marie Fitzgerald