Whistler - Dryland Training


What have you been doing to ready for the ski season?  Well, the YES Crew has been working hard in the gym to get ski-fit.  Nearing the end of our 12 week intensive program run by none other that our personal pain master, J.P. Fok, we are rounding into shape.  Or was it round is a shape?  Anyways, many a curse has been muttered (in several languages) as J.P. has put us through our paces.  Stair running, lunges, squats, stair running, planks, bridges, battle ropes, stair running, bike sprints, bike hill climbs, rows, split squats, running sprints, curls, dead lifts, stair running, seal walks, box jumps, wall sits (one legged), kettle bells, side planks, hip thrusts, balance drills, pull ups, mountain climbers, did i mention running up stairs!  

                                                Hard at work.

                                    Bob running from.........

Hopefully you have been doing your own regime to get ski-fit as it will increase your on-snow enjoyment and help reduce injury.  Looking forward to seeing you all on the slopes soon.

                                      Improvised gym while on vacation