Verbier: Over too soon

Front Face of Mont Gele

Wednesday morning brought blue skies and a "rest" day for the group.  Some took advantage and slept in, some went shopping, others headed down to explore Le Chable and some took to the slopes.  Kevin hooked up with Felix from Powder Extreme.  Felix was keen to show off his playground and started off with a warm-up down Mont Gele before heading off to secret areas away from prying eyes.  Meesh and Bob joined local skier Arnaud for a cruise around the resort.  After a cruise to warm-up, it was off down the Vallon d'Arbi in a quest to find some fresh snow in the trees.  Once arriving back in La Tzoumaz it was up to the top of Savoleyres and a short traverse over to the Marlenas area.  Snow was great up top and got a bit heavier as we skied back to the village.  A short bus ride and it was back up the Medran for a repeat of the Vallon d'Arbi before finishing the day with a front face of the Mont Gele.

Penny in the powder.

Kevin's group a top the Mont Fort.

Best lift ever???


Thursday brought more sun and some great skiing.  Meesh's group was in the care of guide Seb and had a great day exploring the Verbier area.  Tortin, Vallon d'Arbi and Gentaines were just some of the areas where Seb managed to find some good snow.  Bob's group was on a quest for fresh snow and spent some time on Mont Gele and Tortin while Kevin's group was working on increasing speed on the groomers of La Chaux.  A great day was had by everyone and the meeting place for the apres ski was on the slopes at the Carlsberg where the gang enjoyed a beer in the sun.

Bob's group.

Linda sampling the Verbier snow.

Fashionistas rocking the patio.

Friday came far too quickly.  The sun from yesterday had warmed up the snow, so the off-piste had a bit of a crust.  Kevin took the group over to the Savoleyres, while Meesh headed over to the La Chaux area and the skier cross.  Lunch was at Chez Danny before heading over to the "yurt" for apres.  Bob's group stayed up on Mont Gele taking advantage of all the powder they could find.  End of week presentaions were made at the hotel with Mr. Johnson reciting a beautiful recap of the first two weeks.  Well, it was really about one incident with a certain group in Courchevel but what happens on tour, stays on tour. (ask Bob for more info.)  A final dinner at Le Relais des Neiges and it was back to the hotel for a nightcap and a start to the packing.  Once again Verbier put on a great show and was over far too soon.  

Cabane de Mont Fort with the Jumbo tram.

Meesh heading back to town via the Marlenas.

Bob's group enjoying the sunshine.