Europe 2014 - Verbier, Mont Fort

Tuesday morning brought about grey skies in the village and some trepidation in the YES ranks.  The Hardcore PowderPuffs had a date with Will the guide and they were aprehensive to say the least.  (Actually the morning was the least Dick heard them say all week.)   With Mr. Johnson (you will be missed) off to Geneva  with his entourage/baggage porters, Linc's crew had the day off.  Linc enjoyed a leisurely ski and a trip down the valley to Le Chable.  The visibilty cleared up in spots and some fresh powder was skied in the Lac des Vaux area.  The clouds started to roll back in so it was off to higher ground and the Mont Fort. The gamble paid off as the clouds parted and the sun shone down.  The snow was fantastic and everyone had a great time skiing the powder.

                                      View from the top of Mont Fort

                                                    Le Grand Combin

                                                       The Mont Blanc

                                                       The Matterhorn

                         The Hardcore PowderPuffs atop of Mont Fort - 3,330m

                                                      Le Mont Fort

                                    Mont Fort looking down on Col des Gentianes

Meesh's group had a great time lapping the Mont Fort.  The combination of steep and fresh snow made for lots of smiles.  A late lunch at Le Dahu and then off in search of more snow.  The clouds had rolled back in so it was bumps by the trees for the rest of the day.

                                      Meesh's group enjoying the sunshine

                                            Mike enjoying the new snow

                                             Linda in the Mont Fort powder

Meanwhile, Will had the Puffs in such an aprehensive state that they didn't say a word all morning.  Apparently the secret to getting them quiet is to scare the sh@& out of them.  A tactic I'm sure Dick will use later in the week.  After taking them down the Col de Gentaines it was off to the Mont Fort.  After surviving the Mont Fort, it was off to the Cabine du Mont Fort for a quick schnapps to steady the nerves.  This seemed to ease the tension and the group became a lot chattier on the way down to the Pub Mont Fort to complete the trifecta.

                                            The Puffs hiking into the unknown

                        Skiing down one of the gulleys in the Col de Gentaines

                                     Silvija slashing through the powder

With no dinner planned for the Crew, everyone scattered throughout the village in search of a bite.  The Millenium and L'Ecurie seemed to be the winners.  After such a grey and dreary beginning, the day ended up being quite spectacular.

                       Mont Fort trifecta complete, the walk home from the pub