Europe 2014 - Verbier, from Couloirs to Bruson

Thursday morning brought cloudy skies and a few cloudy heads.  Meesh's group had the services of Powder Extreme guide Mikey and were first out the door.  After a few warm-up runs it was off to the first challenge of the day, a Verbier classic, Le Creblet.  After surviving the first part of the run, the group determined that Creblet was French for hard, sun affected bullsh@t snow.  After a quick traverse, Mikey was able to find some better softer snow much to the groups relief.  A few runs on piste to get back in the groove and it was off to the second big challenge, the Tortin Couloir.  After a tricky entrance, the couloir widened and the snow was fantastic.  Everyone had a great run down after the initial intrepidation at the top.  The final challenge was cutting into First chute from the side around by the Funispace lift tower. The cloud was thick at the top but by the time we traversed around to the bowl, the sun was briefly shining and the group took full advantage.  A great run with good snow left made for big smiles and tired legs.

                                     Guide Mikey explaining the entrance

                                                          Tortin Couloir

                                                   Lino in Tortin Couloir.

                                      Chris warming up in Lac des Vaux.

In the meantime, Dick and Linc's groups spent the morning cruising around the Attleas and Ruinettes area.  Staying below the clouds, the snow and visibility were good.  Lunchtime saw a change of venue as both groups headed to the opposite side of the valley and Bruson.  With the area empty of other skiers the groups took advantage of great groomers and also found some good snow off-piste.  Dick's group even managed to find a rustic local restaurant where no one spoke english.  Some great crashes were had as the group tried to perfect their powder skiing technique.  The day finished much too soon with a re-hydrating drink at the Pub Mont Fort, followed by dinner and a few nightcaps in the hotel lounge.

                                                 Linc's Crew for the week.

                                                   Paul in the powder.  

                         Howard showing some great moves in the powder.

                                Coaches enjoying dinner.