Europe 2014 - Hello Courchevel

Saturday was a bluebird and a great day for a transfer to Courchevel.  The one problem, the 2 vans dispatched to take us there had insufficeint room for all our gear.  It took half an hour but we finally managed to jam all the bags and people inside.  With no wiggle room it was off with the vans on a slight angle as the back bumper was dragging along the ground.  A lunch stop in Chamonix before we finally made it to our new digs with only a few detours along the way.  Le New Solarium is in a great location and after welcome drinks it was off to a great dinner.  

                                                Lunch in Chamonix

                                        Le New Solarium, Courchevel 1850

                                                Shopping for bargins

Sunday guiding day was overcast but we a light cover of fresh snow.  The groups set out to explore the area with everyone sticking to the Courchevel side.  Some good snow was found and everyone marveled at how big the area was.  The groups finished early but still managed to get off the hill around 3:00 after a long lunch.  

                                   Don't worry, I know exactly where we are......

                                       Dicks group having a hot chocolate break

                    The Hardcore PowderPuffs enjoying a long lunch at the Pilatus

                             Linc's group taking a break from the bitter wind

The rest of the afternoon was spent exploring the village and the many expensive shops.  The highlight of dinner was the following......

                                        CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN !!!!!!!