Courchevel: Adieu far too soon.

Friday morning brought some fresh snow on the ground, blue skies above and Bob being reunited with his ski.  All signs were pointing to a great day and it did not disappoint.  Fresh off his guided experience, Bob grabbed his group and headed out to explore the Trois Vallees and beyond.  Meanwhile, guides Andy and Alan joined the other groups to show off their resort.  Andy took the high flyers and took off in search of the goods.  Alan grabbed his group and headed towards Tovets for a warm-up.  After that it was up Plantery for some fresh tracks off the Loze.  With the Saulire tram running, it was up to the top to sample the goods of the Saulire run.  Plans to head over to Meribel got put on hold as the snow was so good a re-run was necessary.  

Under the Vizelle lift.

Paul exploring the powder off the Saulire.

Les Trois Vallees.

Finally over on the Meribel side, there were fields upon fields of fresh snow to play in and the gang had a blast.  With confidence growing, the speed increased and the smiles began to grow.  A quick stop at Cotes - where there was a slide down to the toilets - it was up towards Tougnette.  From there it was a 1000m vertical descent down to the village of Saint Martin for a great lunch at Le Voute.  

The PowderPuffs, hardcore lounging Euro-style.

Saint Martin.

Leanne heading down towards Meribel.

From there it was time to head home, a trip which involved 2 lifts up then a ski down to Meribel, up the Saulire Express 1 and a ski down to the Loze Express to head over the Col de la Loze and back down to 1850.  All groups were still skiing at 16:00 and as per usual, Le Courcheneige beckoned some of the gang in for an apres ski beverage before heading back to the hotel for dinner and presentations.  A great day was had by all and it was a perfect way to end our stay in Courchevel.

Which way to Meribel?

Fields of powder everywhere.

Les Dents de Burgin.