YES Mascot - Alpine

Alpine is the office support, providing love and cuddles to anyone that comes in. He is also more than happy for a ball to be thrown for him in return. Alpine loves the snow, mostly eating it, catching snowballs (he thinks they're balls) and rolling in it.
Nick name
Year you started teaching
Rather play with my ball
Ahh ummmmmm??
Exceptional catcher, cuddler and sleeper
How many years with YES?
Since my Mum Belinda adopted me ... 2012
Your specialty
Catching Balls
Why Whistler
Its so much fun! Its like a winter wonderland
Perfect day?
Wake up to a big bowl of food, throw the ball for me, I then sleep, then a lunch time walk through the snow, then another nap, then dinner and depending on how much energy I have.. another ball toss please...tis this life!