My recent remarkable adventure!

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Hi PJ, Belinda and Team,
Just a quick note to say thanks for all the effort that the Yes Team put in to ensure that my recent adventure was as remarkable as it turned out to be.
I can't forget the Ski Pros either; Bob, Linc, Barry, Dick, Kevin, Dave, Meesch and Wayne were all very willing to give their time, knowledge, experience and patience to dramatically improve my skiing (even on the free ski days). Please pass on my thanks to them all, and those I didn't get to ski with that also added to the 'Yes' experience (like Rob and the snowboard guys).
I'm sure there are others I have overlooked. For that I apologise, but thanks to all.  
The only negative of the trip that I can think of was that it came to an end. Reluctantly I had to board the bus to Vancouver airport.
As I have now arrived back in Australia, its hot, blue skies and the closest I get to snow is staring into the freezer.  I have to suffer through my PSD (Post Snow Depression) with the burden of knowing that the 11 week gang are where I want to be. Please give them my best.
In closing, thanks again for a great time over the last 2 months. I look forward to joining you again next winter (maybe even a sneaky push to Wanaka mid year).
Tony Larcombe
A 'Yes Improvement' advocate.