Europe 2014 - Courchevel, Couloirs to Culinary Cuisine

Tuesday brought more clear blue skies.  Linc's group was the first out the door as they were being led by Marie.  She quickly put them to the test by dropping in under the Saulire tram.  After passing the exam she proceeded to drag them all over the 3 Vallees taking them down various steep bits of terrain.  They made as far as Val Thorens before stopping for lunch.  The way back consisted of more steeps before ending with a run down the Grand Couloir.  Smiles all around as they celebrated a great day with some refreshments.

                                                   Marie and the Crew

                                 Marie guiding the group down the couloirs

                                             Lino surfing through the powder

                                     Linc's group in one of the 3 Vallees many couloirs

                                                Linc under the Saulire Tram

Meanwhile Dick and Meesh's groups had a later start due to a quick trip to the dentist and the boot shop for some repairs.  WIth everyone back on track, it was off to explore the 3 Vallees.  After a big previous day, it was a day to cruise the groomers and enjoy the sunshine until the coachs saw some soft snow and changed the plans.  Meesh's group made it up the slowest chair in the world to the Col, while Dick's group rode the fastest tram to the top of Cime Caron.  Both groups skied down to Les Menuires and headed up and over to Meribel-Monttaret so they could head up and over back to Courchevel.  The Hardcore PowderPuffs managed to leave Les Verdons after a "vin chaud" and have their skis be the only ones left on the rack.

                                             Dick's Crew high above Meribel

                                              Leslie charging down the hill

                   Erin looking ahead to the next powder turn, or spotted a vin chaud ??

                           Kim skiing the powder with a beautiful backdrop

                                            Last call, last ones out.

It was an off day for dinners at the restaurant, so most of the gang headed over to Les Airelles for a 2 Michelin Star feed with Chef Pierre Gagnaire.  A six course meal awaited us with another 5 plates of dessert!  It was a fantastic evening and the food was amazing.  We were all full as "a snake who just ate a wallaby."  A big thank you to all that made the evening one to remember. 

  1st course: goose fois gras with a milk chocolate and hazelnut voile with black truffle

Wednesday was a day of rest.  Some of the crew took advantage to do some shopping while others went for a leisurely ski.  Meesh hooked up for a morning ski with Marie and she was eager to show off her mountain.  The day started with Couloir Tournier, followed by Grand Couloir and ended with a run down the Dou des Lanches into the forest.  A great morning ski has raised the desire to return and explore more of the area.  Tomorrow should bring another good day. 

                                       Marie in the Grand Couloir