Whistler Instructor Program, April 2017

Thought I should write to say thank you for organising such a great course, I thoroughly enjoyed the 11 weeks even if it was a bit of a struggle at times.

I would say that for me it was the calibre of the instructors which contributed most significantly to my enjoyment and the obvious overall quality of the course. All of them without exception extremely knowledgeable, professional and great fun to ride with.

I particularly enjoyed skiing with Bob, Lincoln, Barry and Mike. Whilst I have Barry's contact details I would be grateful if you would pass on my thanks to the others for their patience which was I am sure was more than tested at times.

Also my thanks to Martina who was extremely helpful in letting me know where I needed to be the night before I had to be there.....organisation is not my strong point........

I have some friends who I know are considering a season break with instructor training later this year, I will certainly be recommending YES. I will also be in touch regarding some further training in NZ during the coming season.

Many thanks once again

All the best


James Cox, Bath, UK

Wanaka 2017 - Had a Bloody Brilliant week 
BEST YES WEEK for me ever 

My skiing really went up a notch 
3 reasons
1. Marius Marginnus last year taught me to have fun on my skis and gave me great excercises that helped give me the skills to overcome the " shit factor"
2. My new boots from Barry now all canted and cranked for my ridiculous knock Knees are really helping roll the ankles and knees 
3. SCHMOLLIE. His coaching with a group that was mixed was nothing short of amazing. Each of us got individual attention that was specific and on point plus he showed us HOW the body moves and WHY an exercise works rather than just for instance saying " big toe little toe" ( did you know that I have been trying to PUSH my toes because of that and of course that makes the lower leg STIFF and slide out!!) It really was just fantastic and please tell Marius that I SKIED southside Raffils Bullet etc etc part of Cloud nine and the home trail most of the time rather than stiffening up and freaking out! 
So thanks to YES and thank you Schmollie and Marius 

Robyn Wheeler, VIC, Australia

This is a testimonial I have written about YesTours because of the wonderful service we feel they provided.

My daughter did an 11 week ski instructor course with them November 2016 and ending in February 2017. She was understandably nervous, a long way to travel to another country she was unfamiliar with, but Belinda and PJ were so good at sorting out any difficulties or problems she had, it really helped her to settle in.

They were on the case right from the start, guiding her, and their weekly or bi-weekly Apres Ski meetings, where all issues or worries were discussed with the Instructors which was really valuable. I commend them for the way they take all their skiers under their wing, and push them to achieve their goals!

I would recommend the service, the accomplished instructors, the accommodation which was super and the well thought out programme, you really are getting the best!

Caroline Webber, Surrey, UK

"Dave took us to challenging terrain I had never been to before. His knowledge of skiing was extensive and he ensured an enjoyable experience to the whole group".

Cameron Farrell, NSW, Australia

"…thank you for such a wonderful holiday. I am so pleased that I decided to join the YES program and to then meet so many fabulous people from all over … I hope that the snow continues to be insanely good and that the Yes Crew continues to be equally as insane!"

Susie Cropper, New Zealand

I always thought myself an average skier, that I could never really improve without a lot of days on snow. Well, the YES Team not only coached & encouraged me, but also helped me change my mindset about what I thought I could achieve. Simply, YES I can.

20th December, 2013

Stephen Jelicic, NSW, Australia

Thank you for looking out for Cabrina she has had a blast , learned so much, grown so much and she'll always remember where she started to move from a school major to a young woman...,YES it was Whistler...

All our best

Paul and Pauline Woolley, Hong Kong

Thanks so much for a wonderful two months. I really loved every minute of it and have made some incredible friends that I hope to stay in touch with for years to come. 

The YES program was fantastic, really varied and filled with such warm, friendly and enthusiastic people who were so keen to help us.

Sarah Maxwell, VIC, Australia

I just want to say thank you to everyone at YES for a great 11 weeks, I cannot begin to describe how much fun I've had and how fantastic everyone has been.  I'll be recommending this to literally every person I meet so hopefully you'll have some more people from Jersey before long.

The quality of the instructors on the YES program is incredible. I came out of every single week thinking they could not have been any better and I'm honored to have been able to learn from them. The house was perfect and the meals where excellent. Thank you to Silkie our chalet host who did an incredible job day in, day out.

These last 3 months have been some of the best of my life - Thank you YES!

11 week Instructor course 2013/2014 season

Spencer Scholfield, Jersey, United Kingdom

Came to Canada, got taught by the best, now I am the best, DO YES!

11 week Instructor course, 2013/2014 season

Aron Hayes, Leeds, United Kingdom

The YES Tours WBSSU program was so so so good. After spending a season instructing for WB I realised how amazing Meesh's initial/start of season instruction was. Thanks YES

2013/2014 WBSSU participant

David Leech, United Kingdom

Kevin, like all the YES instructors I have had, is fabulous! Lots of fun, great attention to all participants in the group and very responsive to our needs. Instructor knowledge is amazing.

I just love being here with the YES lot. Thank you.

March, 2014

Chris Leahy, NSW, Australia

Meesh was fun to ski with, pushed my skiing limits and the whole week was really enjoyable. I found massive improvement with my individual goal achievement and skied where I wouldn't normally venture! It was the perfect week. Thanks Meesh

March, 2014

Joe Risitano, NSW, Australia

Rob is a fantastic snowboard instructor and again my riding has improved week after week. We had the best of everything from fresh powder, park and groomers. The property I am staying at (London Lane) is a great house very close to everything you need. I can't wait to return next year!!!

Another truly memorable week with YES!

Feb, 2014

Bobbie Lawrence, United Kingdom

I really enjoyed skiing with Dave. He obviously has loads of experience and I really enjoyed his teaching style. I improved so much more!

YES offers a great program. Hopefully I'll be back in the not to distant future, if not Whistler then maybe New Zealand or Niseko with YES!!

Thanks Again.

Feb, 2014

Sarah Poriters, Australia

Its your people that are the key to your winning formula!

Another great YES week, Cheers

Feb, 2014

Peter Tamplin

Wayne was a fantastic instructor. I didn't know what to expect because I didn't know him or the YES program (being my first) but he exceeded my expectations massively.

Wayne gave each person in the group a lot of individual attention and worked really hard to help get across what he was trying to teach/demonstrate. He also did it in a way that was courteous to the rest of the group. He clearly explained each skill and did so in a considered sequence that made it easy for us to implement. This resulted in immediate changes in the way we were skiing that allowed us to build progressively throughout the week.

Thanks Wayne and YES.

Sasha Portiers, Australia

Gemma, Mark and Scott make a top team of instructor-hosts, quickly melding us into a cheerful and happy bunch of skiing explorers.  They've been wonderful at introducing us to Niseko and the joys of skiing and visiting here.  I'm loving being in Japan for the first time, and value the cultural orientation tips from Mark.
The weather has been great, with lots of deep powder and excellent ski/snow facilities.
Having never skied in powder, I have to say it's quite a challenge to get used to it, although a most welcome learning opportunity.  Gemma gets the prize for patient coaching!

Thank you again for helping me to be here; I'm really grateful, Belinda.
At the end of the 2 weeks I'm sure I'll be even more confident in the powder, and an enthusiastic testator to the delights and value of the YES Niseko program.


Elinor Drake, Australia

Dear Belinda,
Well, it's the end of my two week YES program, and I'm delighted to tell you that it was a wonderful time for me.  It's a product you can be deservedly proud of - on all fronts.

Your initial information and support were much appreciated, the accomm and all logistics were well organised and comfortably realised, and the ski coaching and group leadership by the YES Instructors was a pleasure to experience.  
All the YES team were friendly, helpful and great ski instructors.  They were wonderful leaders on and off the ski runs, and made the full Japanese experience such a treat for us all.
It was harder for Gemma, I guess, having to share her room with a client, but she was so kind, and so easy to share with, as well as being a marvellous ski coach (in week 1).  Brian was a fabulous coach in the second week, a, by the end of which I felt I'd really improved significantly.

It was terrific for me, as a lone traveller and Japan virgin, being able to stay at the comfy and convenient Miyuki, which was so good for us skiers: well located, designed and appointed.

Thank you again for your part in making it all happen for me, Belinda.  
It was a fantastic experience that I wouldn't have missed for anything.  I hope I can organise my funds to do it again next year!

With gratitude,

NISEKO, 2014

Elinor Drake, Australia

Thank you so much!!! 

And congratulations on having (by my count) at least 6 YES students from my course last spring get jobs in Whistler this season. I’m sure you keep stats on job placement that goes beyond my personal friends… It really is something your whole team should be immensely proud of. 
You guys rock. I maintain that doing YES was the best decision I ever made.
Ezra Laemmle, United Kingdom

I just had the best skiing day ever thanks to Wayne and my group.
Lying on couch dreaming of what  tomorrow will bring!

Shane King, Sydney

Kevin was awesome! He is an amazing instructor with lots of knowledge. He is always so happy and so full of life, it made everyone in the group feel so good.

12 Dec 2014

Vincent Carbonaro, WA, Australia