Europe 2014 - Courchevel - And that's a wrap!!!

The final day of Euro 2014 brought bright blue skies.  The group met up top of the Saulire for the group photo minus our fallen comarde. You are missed Mr. Johnson.  After the photo shoot, the groups dispersed in various directions.  Linc's group headed to Mont Vallon and some great off piste before heading up to the Saulire chutes.  Then it was off to watch the polo before a great lunch at La Soucoupe.  

                                         Linda blasting down the coulior.

                                       Saulire and its chutes and couloirs

                                Polo on the snow in Courchevel

Meanwhile Meesh headed over to the Creux Noirs and found some fresh powder for Puffs to play in.  Then it was over to 1650 via the Chanrossa to play in the Chapelets area.  After a quick foray into the trees, literally for some, it was off to check out the polo and La Casserole for a long lunch.  Dick headed straight to 1650 and cruised around the area before also checking out the polo.  Then it was off to La Casserole to lunch before heading back to the hotel.  

                                        Erin heading out into the untracked

                   Leslie enjoying fresh tracks on Friday with her Monday Mojo


After a quick shower and refreshment, the crew met up for the wrap-up function which continued through dinner and into the night.  Special prizes were handed out and the Dingster was recognized for having done 20 years of YES, and for surviving three weeks with the PowderPuffs.  Another fantastic Euro trip that is over much to soon.  A big thanks to everyone who participated in the adventure and look forward to many more.

                                      Dingster, 20 years of YES.

                                       Soaring above the Courchevel slopes

                                             Meesh final day freshies