Courchevel: Skiing to Sledding.

Thursday the crew woke up to another 10 cm of fresh snow blanketing the ground and it was still coming down.  With low visibility the trees were the place to be so the groups stayed low to warm-up.  Courchevel 1550, Le Praz and La Tania kept the groups entertained before it was time to head out towards Meribel.  With the upper lifts open, some headed over the Col de la Loze while others took the tram and braved the flat light atop Le Saulire.  Some good snow was found around the Pas du Lac area as the snow was still fresh from the previous storms.  Some good trees were found under the Loze chair and Aliport area as the groups explored the Meribel side of the valley.

Ready to start the day.  Bring on the powder.

Finding some freshies off the side of Aiguille du Fruit.

Finally, a break for lunch.

The PowderPuffs had local guide Alan to show them around and boy did he work them hard.  A brief check to see the avi transceivers were working and then it was off. Off to Meribel via all stops along the way.  Le Praz, La Tania, the pace was relentless.  Chopped up powder here, steep pitch there all with the occansional tree thrown in for good measure.  After a hard morning it was Le Folie Douce for lunch before launching right back into it.  After skiing Meribel it was up the Saulire Express to the summit before heading down Creux in the fog before heading back up the mountain this time on the Chanrossa chair.  A "cruise" down Pyramide and Grandes Bosses brought them back to the Aiguille du Fruit and back home.  Well almost home as the Courchneige was calling for a well deserved drink.

Some rather bubbly PowderPuffs.

Mikey likes it!! 

As the groups made it back to the hotel the day was not yet over.  Sledding was in the cards and a few brave souls headed to the piste with their racing sleds.  What a blast!  After heading down the Jardin Alpin trying to figure out how to control the things, most got the hang of it, sort of.  Lots of crashes and lots of laughter as we did the trip from 1850 to 1550 three times.  It was like being a kid again.  People wiping out, rolling over, smashing into others, forcing sleds off the track, air off bumps, no brakes, it was amazing everyone made it down mostly in one piece. It made for a very tired bunch and an early night as everyone rested up for the final day tomorrow. 

The gang at the start of the Piste de Luge.

And they're off.

Will they make the corner?

Feeling like a kid again.  Smile of exhileration or relief?